Who we are

FinCode is the brainchild of a team of developers with a vision to redefine finance delivery through technology. Set up as a fintech R&D and innovation company, we understudy the challenges and frictions in the digital financial services ecosystem and produce solutions using First Principles approach. We exist to collaborate with innovative businesses and entrepreneurs to solve problems or bring efficiency to existing services.

Our Work

Our environment is where collaboration and openness are valued and where a diverse and people-centric culture exists.

Our Core

We are powered by innovation, vision, teamwork and creative thinking which leads to delivering superior results.

Our Passion

We are passionate about reducing costs by lessening the friction in delivering financial services, everywhere.

The Big Vision

Bringing financial technology applications to people across the world, helping your customers to become economically independent with access to finance in new instant ways.


Change the way we live

At FinCode, our vision is to create a seamlessly digital financial ecosystem spanning alternative banking, cross-border payments and payment aggregation

Leading Innovation

Creating life’s connections

We exist to minimize the frictions that exist within digital financial services through innovative technology accessible to everyone, everywhere


Achieving goals together

Your goals become our goals and that is why collaboration is a watchword we live by as our teams work together to make your dreams come true

Our Products


Remit Junction is our FCA-regulated, digital-only remittance startup platform that enables anyone to launch a money service business. Offers customers a full range of services from local and international money remittance and bill payments to mobile money, agency banking, cash pick-up, and more.

alternative finance

Finslack helps businesses worldwide launch digital financial services quickly, be it holding money, managing accounts, embedding finance and more. By leveraging Finslack, you can launch bespoke digital financial products such as e-money services, virtual accounts, neobank, lending apps, digital wallets and more.


Songhai Exchange (SHE) is a remittance switching solution built for the African market to make money transfer, cross-border bill payments and Aid agency disbursement seamless across countries, connecting organisations together in order to facilitate and reduce the cost of financial instructions across Africa.

They are More than just clients

Our Partners

Our clients are more than clients. They are our partners, with whom we work together, deliver together and achieve together.


Words from Trusted Partners



We chose Money Transfer Application to run business because we can do everything that needs to be done each day – reporting, accounting, running transactions, balancing our cashflow and much more from this one system that is easy to use and our staff love it.



MTA enables us to stay highly competitive and actually ahead of other service providers, which is a major bonus, along with the powerful features that the system provides.



We chose MTA because of its rich set of features and great user interface, amongst other things. Our staff find it easy to use and it has enhanced our productivity and will open up new channels of business for us, in terms of both new locations and corridors and new services we can offer.



"If what you want is the technological aspects of online banking and virtual payment institution that is suitable for all platform, Spotbanc is top class. Spotbanc is robust, cutting across FX and virtual banking, yet agile. It supports multiple currencies and multiple wallets for businesses, which we find advantageous. Our greatest experience with Spotbanc is the flexibility to easily move or combine components here and there on the core system, creating anything we want to suit our business. Their support team is always at hand and have remarkable work ethics, trying to solve every issue on the spot."



MTA has enabled us to introduce new products to market at a faster pace which has saved us time in development, giving us more leeway to focus on developing specific products and marketing our platform.

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